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Anonymous asked: Hi, I saw your post on Morocco with a baby. We are thinking of going to Morocco, including a night in the dessert. Do you think it'll be safe and comfortable for our then 10 month old baby? Any tips? Thank you.

Hi there! I think you should be fine. My son was a little older when we were there (18 months-2.5years) but the Moroccans love babies and always accommodate them. I would say that you just need to plan ahead a little. Strollers usually weren’t much good since roads aren’t flat or wide enough. It’s easier to use a carrier. And with your night in the desert…what time of year are you going? It may be too hot or cold if they have to sleep apart. Do you know how they transport you there? Often they use jeeps that can’t accommodate car seats. 

Just a little advance research and you’ll be just fine!  Where are you headed in Morocco?